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OUT OF THE SHADOWS - Chapter 12/12

Title: Out of the Shadows
Author: Kimberley
Pairing: Brian and Justin
Rating: NC17

Summary: The rising star ad exec needs to get the blond he met out of his head...or into his bed.


Chapter Twelve

by Kimberley

“It’s breakfast, not a fucking firing squad,” Brian teased his young lover. “Relax.”

Justin took a deep breath and tried to do just that. It had been almost a week since their ‘date’, though Brian still refused to call it that out loud. They’d spent as much time together as possible, ordering take-out, hanging out at the loft or at Justin’s apartment, even talking.

And, of course, lots and lots of fucking.

Sometimes Brian had work to do at the loft and Justin would sit quietly and sketch until he was done. Brian had been quite impressed with the sketches and Justin had beamed with each and every ‘not bad’.

“But they’re like your family,” Justin lamented as Brian parked across from the diner.

Brian huffed a short laugh. “Believe me, they’re nothing like my family.” He looked over at Justin still sitting in the passenger seat. “Or yours.”

Justin looked toward the diner and took another breath. “Ok, let’s do it,” he said, sounding decidedly unconvinced.

Brian chuckled, shaking his head slightly as they got out of the Jeep.

“Brian!” Michael called as soon as they walked in the door.

Brian smirked and headed to the back of the diner where the gang was gathered just like they were every Saturday morning.

“Mikey,” Brian said, leaning down to plant a chaste kiss on his friend’s lips. He sat down across from Michael and pulled Justin down onto his lap in the crowded booth. “Justin, this is Ted and Emmett. You’ve already met Michael. Guys, this is Justin.”

“Hi,” Justin said with a reserved smile.

“Ohhhh, aren’t you just adorable,” Emmett gushed with a friendly smile. “No wonder Brian’s been keeping you hidden away.”

“I’m not keeping him anything,” Brian pointed out as Justin’s blushed slightly in response to Emmett’s words. “We’ve just been extremely busy.”

“I’ll bet,” Ted intoned eliciting another blush from the blond.

“It’s good to see you again, Justin,” Michael said, unsure how his comments would be received after what had been said between them.

“You too, Michael,” Justin said with a sincere smile causing Michael to offer one in return, though his was tinged with relief.

“So, Justin, I hear you’ve applied to PIFA,” Ted said. “When do you expect to hear from them?”

“They said I should know in six to eight weeks. It’ll be too late to get into another program by then, but I can always work for a year and apply again.”

“Well good luck, sweetie,” Em cooed. “I think they’d be crazy not to take you.”

“You’ve never even seen his work,” Brian pointed out.

“Come on, Brian,” Emmett replied. “You wouldn’t be with a no-talent hack.”

“I’m with a couple right now,” Brian said with a sarcastic smirk.

“Ah, you see, baby,” Emmett responded, directing his remarks to Justin. “That would be Teddy and me. Michael’s immune because he’s Brian’s best friend, so that means you must have talent.” He looked over at Ted. “Am I right?”

“That’s some fucked up logic, even for you, Em,” Brian said, though he was smiling slightly.

“Fucked up or not, it works for me,” Emmett said, shrugging his shoulders and popping a piece of bacon into his mouth.

Justin smiled, feeling more at ease as he watched the friends interact.

“Deb, can we get some service over here please?” Brian called.

“Keep your pants on,” came a loud voice from behind the counter. A moment later a woman in a red wig was standing at the table ready to take their order.

“Ohh, hi, cutie,” she said with a smile when she spotted Justin. “You must be Justin.”

“This is my mom,” Michael made the introduction. Leaning forward he whispered conspiratorially, “Don’t worry, she grows on you.”

Debbie swatted him on the back of the head with her order pad and Justin grinned.

“It’s nice to meet you,” he said with a smile. “And thanks for offering to let me stay at your place.”

Debbie looked around at the others in the booth. “Now that’s what I call a smile, not like the bunch of you dragging your asses in here morning after morning barking out orders like a bunch of fucking drill sergeants.”

“It’s hard to smile after a long night of drilling,” Brian replied with a smirk.

“You watch your mouth in front of Sunshine here,” she warned, wagging a finger in Brian’s direction.

Justin turned to look at Brian upon hearing the now familiar nickname. “Don’t look at me,” Brian chuckled. “I didn’t tell her to call you that.”

“What else would I call him?” Debbie asked incredulously. “He practically lights up the fucking room.”

“You could try ‘Justin’,” Brian suggested. “That’s his name.”

“Right,” Debbie murmured. Turning to Justin with a smile, she asked, “So, Sunshine, what can I get you?”

Justin smiled, already resigned to the fact that Debbie would call him whatever she wanted. “Um… bacon and eggs, please, with a side of hashbrowns, an extra order of toast and orange juice?”

“That’s what I call a breakfast,” she said with an approving smile. “And you?” she asked, looking at Brian. “Dry toast crumbs, as usual?”

“Ha fucking ha,” Brian smirked. “Egg white omelet, no toast, and coffee, black.”

She rolled her eyes and didn’t even bother writing down the familiar order. “Coming right up.”

“So, Justin, what do you plan to do until school starts?” Michael asked.

“I’ll need to get a job, save some money,” he replied. “My asshole father refuses to pay for anything unless I go to Dartmouth.”

“Dartmouth’s a good school,” Ted pointed out.

“But I’m no business major,” Justin countered. “I’d be miserable.”

“Follow your dreams, honey,” Emmett said, lifting his coffee mug in a mock toast.

“You think you’ll be able to save enough?” Ted asked, always the accountant.

“Kinnetik’s books don’t keep you busy enough, Ted?” Brian asked.

“Geez, just asking,” Ted grumbled. “It’s an expensive school.”

“I worked summers while I was in high school,” Justin said, discreetly avoiding the topic of his most recent employment. “I’ve got a little saved and if I can get a job until school starts, I should be able to cover the first year. After that, I might be able to get a loan.”

Brian and Justin shared a small smile that didn’t go unnoticed by the others, but no one commented.

Debbie returned to the table with coffee and juice. “Sorry about the wait, guys, but we’re a little shorthanded here.”

“Really?” Justin asked with interest.

“Justin’s looking for a job,” Michael chimed in.

“Is that right, Sunshine?” At his nod, Debbie beamed. “How are you at bussing tables?”

Justin shrugged. “I’ve never done it, but it can’t be too hard to learn, can it?”

“Bussing tables in some greasy spoon?” Brian teased, throwing Justin’s own words back at him.

Justin smirked back at him. “Shut up. It’s a job and it could be fun working here.”

Debbie snorted. “Well, I don’t know about the fun part, but it’s work, I can tell you that. When can you start?”

“Monday would be good, wouldn’t it, Sunshine?” Brian asked with a knowing smirk.

Justin looked at him and thought about the plans they’d made for the rest of the weekend. Plans that didn’t involve leaving the loft until Monday morning with any luck.

Blushing slightly he turned back to Debbie. “Is Monday OK?”

“Monday’s just fine,” she said. With a wink, she added, “Give you a couple of days to rest up.”

“Don’t worry, Deb, I know for a fact he plans on spending most of the weekend in bed.”

Justin elbowed Brian in the ribs and turned a sweet smile on Debbie. “Monday it is.”

Debbie chuckled at their antics as she walked away.

The others had been watching the playful interaction between the two men. “So, Brian,” Emmett cooed, elbow on the table, chin in hand. “You guys have known each other what, a week now?”

“Something like that,” Brian shrugged nonchalantly, not bothering to point out they’d actually met before the drama with Justin’s dad.

“Being the no repeats guy you are, what does this mean exactly?” Emmett was feigning a confused frown, but his eyes were sparkling mischievously.

“Yeah,” Michael joined in the teasing. “Is the unattainable Brian Kinney saying he has a boyfriend?”

“You know I don’t do boyfriends,” Brian replied.

Justin only smiled and enjoyed the banter, uncaring how Brian chose to label what they had.

“Then who’s the guy in your lap?” Ted joined in.

Brian held Justin’s gaze and smiled. “That’s Justin,” he replied, knowing the others wouldn’t get the inside joke.

“And Justin would be….” Ted prompted.

Brian looked at Ted then back at Justin. “How would you define it?” he asked, adopting a mock serious expression.

Justin contained his smile and pretended to ponder it seriously. “How about the guy you fuck more than once,” he suggested.

Brian turned back to Ted. “He’s the guy I fuck more than once.”

Debbie brought their orders and Ted squeezed over as far as he could so that Justin could sit on the bench beside Brian to eat. Conversation centered around the latest Liberty Ave. gossip with Emmett, as always, the main source of information. Though no one said anything more about Brian’s relationship with Justin, the occasional knowing smile escaped as the friends got a first hand look at what the two men shared.

“Coming to the gym?” Michael asked Brian as he drained his second cup of coffee. Ted and Emmett had left only moments earlier, promising to meet Michael at the gym after a quick stop at Torso.

“Not today, Mikey,” Brian replied. “I’m planning to be involved in a much more enjoyable form of exercise.”

Justin nudged him with his shoulder and got to his feet. “Be right back,” he said, with a small smile before heading toward the bathroom. Brian watched him leave and was about to follow when Michael put a hand on his arm.

“Let the kid piss in peace,” he said good naturedly.

Brian only smirked and sat back in his seat.

“You look happy,” Michael said after studying his best friend’s face for a moment.

Brian rolled his eyes but didn’t respond verbally, choosing instead to take a swallow from his coffee cup.

“He seems like a decent guy,” Michael continued.

“But...” Brian prodded, sensing his friend’s hesitancy.

“I just ….” The other man shrugged as his voice trailed off.

Brian was quiet for a moment as he studied his friend’s face. They’d been friends a long time and Brian knew Michael worried about him, as annoying as that could be at times. After everything he’d put the man through over the years, the least he could offer was some reassurance. “Stop worrying, Mikey,” he said softly.

Michael’s puppy dog expression slowly transformed to an affectionate smile. “I wasn’t worrying, asshole,” he defended himself unconvincingly. “And if I was, it wouldn’t be you I was worried about. I know you, remember?”

Brian allowed a small smile. They did know each other and therefore had no trouble reading the real meaning beneath the seemingly trivial banter. Michael knew what a huge step it was for Brian to let Justin in and was trying to offer support without sounding like one of the dickless fags Brian was forever making fun of.

Of course, just because Brian realized that didn’t mean he felt comfortable responding to it verbally. “You’re pathetic, you know that?” he said, his voice filled with affection.

Michael heard the unspoken words of reassurance. Brian was fine and more importantly, happy. While a part of him would always secretly wish it had been he who’d put that sparkle in Brian’s eyes, he was just glad to see it there. “Yeah,” he said smiling. “I know.”

Any further conversation was cut short as the bell above the door signaled the arrival of another patron. Glancing up, Brian was surprised to see Detective Horvath entering the diner.

“Mr. Kinney,” he said as he approached their table. “Mr. Novotny.”

Brian nodded. “Detective. What brings you to these parts?”

Carl glanced self-consciously at the red-wigged waitress serving a nearby table and Brian was sure he saw a slight blush in the ruddy features. “I’ve … uh… been coming here for breakfast the past week or so. They serve a good western omelet here.”

“Carl!” Debbie exclaimed, joining them. “You want the usual?”

“That would be great, Debbie, thanks,” Carl replied with a slightly embarrassed smile.

Brian smirked at Michael whose eyes were wider than Brian ever remembered seeing them.

“Detective Horvath,” Justin said, returning from the back. “What brings you here?”

“The western omelet with the red wig,” Brian mumbled under his breath. Michael kicked him under the table and Justin looked at them both in confusion.

“Just breakfast,” Horvath answered Justin’s question. “Though I am glad I ran into you. How are things going?”

Justin shrugged. “About as well as could be expected, I guess.”

“Good to hear it,” Carl said with a small smile. “Remember what I told you.”

While Tony and Wyatt had been charged in the bogus stabbing as well as Justin’s assault, there hadn’t been any evidence to implicate Craig Taylor aside from the testimony of the two former employers. There was no way the word of two low-life suspects was going to trump that of a man in Taylor’s position with no evidence to back it up. He’d brushed them off as disgruntled employees and claimed they were trying to damage his reputation as payback for being terminated and trying to use his son to do it. Horvath had explained to Justin that his hands were tied unless something else came up, but he’d assisted him in getting a restraining order against his father and encouraged him to call should Craig try to violate it.

“I will,” Justin promised with a smile. “But I think it’s a moot point.”

Brian agreed. He doubted Craig would try to come after Justin again, knowing that the kid was willing to fight back. He’d more than likely written Justin out of his life completely by now. While he knew that part of his lover was saddened by that, Brian couldn’t help but be glad that Craig was out of their lives. Justin was smart, determined and incredibly talented and Brian was confident he’d make a success of his life without any help from Craig Taylor or his money.

And he was prepared to do whatever he could to make that happen.

“Ready to go?” he asked, getting to his feet.

“Yeah,” Justin replied with a smile as he turned to the dark haired man still sitting in the booth. “Bye, Michael.” Extending his hand to Carl, he said. “Thanks for everything.”

Horvath smiled as he shook the young man’s hand. “You’re welcome. Good luck.”

Justin smiled and nodded before allowing Brian to lead him toward the door.

“See ya Monday, Sunshine!” Debbie called out.

Justin turned and waved to the waitress as she hurried to seat Carl in her section.

“I get the feeling we might be seeing a lot more of the good detective in the future,” Brian quipped as they stepped out onto the street.

Having missed most of the interaction between Deb and Carl, Justin frowned at him slightly. “You expecting trouble?”

Brian barked a short laugh. “Only the kind that comes from having him at Sunday dinners.”

Justin looked from Brian to the diner and back again as the words he’d heard Brian mumble earlier finally made sense. “You mean…? Debbie and Carl?” He thought about it for a moment and scrunched up his nose. “Ewww!”

Brian chuckled, throwing one arm around the blond’s shoulders as they headed for the Jeep. “Ewww, indeed, Sunshine,”


It was six weeks later when Justin barreled into the loft, calling out Brian’s name before he even had the door closed.

“Where’s the fucking fire, Sunshine?” Brian asked, stepping down from the bedroom.

Before he knew it, his arms were full of one very excited, very happy young man. “Whoa,” he laughed, wrapping his arms around the lithe figure and steadying them both. “What’s up?”

“It came,” Justin exclaimed with a face-splitting grin. “It fucking came!!”

Brian grabbed the open envelope Justin was waving excitedly and glanced at the postmark. “The Pittsburgh Institute of Fine Arts,” he read, unable to keep the smile from his face. Without reading the letter, he wrapped his arms around Justin again, pressing their foreheads together. “Does this mean I’ll be fucking a college man from now on?”

“Yep, it’s official,” Justin replied, kissing Brian hard. “I’m so excited, Brian. I wasn’t sure I’d get in.”

“I was,” Brian assured him softly.

Justin saw the sincerity reflected in Brian’s eyes and his smile softened. Pulling his lover closer, they shared a long, deep kiss, one in which Brian was free to express all the pride he felt for his young lover’s accomplishments without having to say the actual words. When they finally came up for air a few minutes later, they stared silently into one another’s eyes before Justin’s grew round. “Shit, I have a million things to do!” he exclaimed, the tranquility of the previous moment returning to the excitement that had preceded it. “I’ve got to send a cheque to cover the rest of the first semester, and buy supplies, and work out my schedule for classes…”

Brian silenced him with a kiss.

“And the diner,” Justin continued, once his lips were free. “And figure out bus routes, and …”

Brian watched in amusement as the words trailed off though he could see the wheels still turning. “You’ve got lots of time,” he assured him. “All that stuff can be taken care of in a week, tops.”

“You think?” Justin asked worriedly.

“I know,” Brian replied with a laugh. “It has to be in order for us to have two weeks to celebrate before I send you off for your first day of school, lunch bucket in hand.”

Justin swatted his stomach playfully, but chuckled. “You know,” he said, sliding his arms around his lover’s neck. “We could start celebrating now and save the other stuff for another week.”

Brian smiled. “Thinking like a college man already, Sunshine.” With that, they both moved toward the bedroom and the celebration awaiting them.

They lay together afterward, Justin’s head pillowed on his lover’s chest, Brian’s hand drawing idle circles on the younger man’s back.

“That was amazing,” Justin whispered.

“I never fail to amaze,” Brian replied, tongue in cheek.

Justin pinched his side playfully and then smoothed the abused skin with his hand. “I hope I’ve got enough saved,” he worried aloud after a moment. “The diner doesn’t really pay as much as I’d hoped.”

Brian knew it was a big drop compared to what he’d been making with the agency, but he was glad Justin had never expressed any regret at giving up his former job.

“You miss it?” he asked quietly.

Justin turned his head to rest his chin on Brian’s chest. Scrunching up his nose slightly, he replied. “Just the money. And I only miss that now that I know how much I could use it.”

Brian ran his fingers through the blond hair. “You’ll be fine,” he assured him. “You’ve already saved quite a bit and you can still work part time when you’re in school.”

“Yeah,” Justin said with a small smile. They’d talked finances on more than one occasion and Brian had once again offered to loan Justin the money for school. While Justin had finally agreed that he might need help down the line, it was important to him that he be able to pay the first year’s tuition himself.

Brian considered the situation for a moment. He’d been thinking about something for a while, but had never been able to voice his thoughts. “You know,” he finally said, “There is a way you could save even more money.”

Justin turned to look at him again, his interest obviously piqued. “How?” he asked.

He nearly bailed at that moment. It would be so easy to throw out some lame second-job suggestion to divert attention from what he really wanted to say, but he couldn’t do it. He was surprised to discover he didn’t really want to. “Give up the apartment,” he finally said quietly.

Justin frowned. “Anything cheaper would be a real hole, Brian,” he pointed out.

“Not necessarily,” Brian said after a moment.

Slightly puzzled by the intense look in the hazel eyes, Justin pondered that for a moment. Brian knew the exact second that realization dawned as the blue eyes widened. “You mean here,” he said, more statement than question.

Brian shrugged, slightly uncomfortable now that the offer was on the table. “You’re here more than you’re there anyway,” he said reasonably. “Doesn’t make sense to spend that money on rent for a place you’re rarely in when you could use it toward your tuition.”

It was true. Since they’d been together, Justin had been spending less and less time at his own apartment. “That’s true,” he mused thoughtfully.

Brian noted the reluctance in the other man’s voice and began to regret the suggestion. “It was just an idea,” he said, feigning nonchalance. “Either way, it’s no big deal.”

“It’s an incredibly big deal,” Justin corrected, sitting up beside his lover. “Do you really want me here?”

“I wouldn’t have suggested it if it was a major inconvenience,” Brian pointed out. “I work all day, you’ll be in school. It’s not like we’d be here together 24/7.”

“But we’d be living together,” Justin pressed. “Are you sure you’re ready for that?”

Brian considered that for a moment. “You’ve slept here the past 13 out of 14 nights,” he pointed out. “What would be the difference, really?”

“That one night,” Justin said reasonably. “We were angry and needed some space. We wouldn’t have that if I moved in.”

“Sure we would,” Brian smirked. “I happen to have a very accommodating sofa in my office, as you well know.”

Justin blushed slightly, thinking about just how accommodating it was and how he’d come to know that.

“I’m sure you’d be quite comfortable there,” Brian teased.

Justin shook his head slowly but couldn’t resist a small huff of laughter. After a moment, his expression turned more serious. “Are you sure about this, Brian?”

“If you don’t want…”

“No,” Justin cut him off quickly. “It’s not that. I …” He paused as the colour once again rose in his cheeks. “I miss you when I’m not here,” he finished on a quiet whisper.

“Well, it’s not often you’re not here as it is,” Brian replied, stroking his hand idly up and down Justin’s bare arm. “As for the times you’re not, I wouldn’t particularly mind if you were.”

He finished on a quiet note and Justin studied his features for a moment before allowing a wide smile to spread across his face. “You wouldn’t, huh?”

“Not really,” Brian replied, struggling unsuccessfully to hold back his own smile.

Justin stretched out atop his lover, pressing their bodies together from chest to thigh. “In that case, Mr. Kinney, you’ve got yourself a roommate.”

Brian scowled in disdain at the term. “Sounds so college-boy.”

Justin chuckled, “I am a college boy.”

Brian rolled them until his was looming atop the surprised teen. Grinning wickedly, he dipped his head for a quick kiss. “So, college boy, ready for round two?”

Justin kissed him. “And three…” another kiss… “and four.”

“You think my dick can handle all that?” Brian teased.

“I figure yours can handle two or three,” Justin replied, eyes twinkling mischievously.

Brian huffed a short laugh. “And I suppose you’ll be there to take up the slack.”

“I’m willing to give it the ol’ college try,” Justin replied, his body shaking with suppressed laughter.

Brian stared into the twinkling eyes for a moment, a soft smile on his face. Without a word, he reached over for a condom and handed it to the man beneath him. “Go for it,” he whispered, kissing the tip of Justin’s nose.

Blue eyes widened in surprise briefly before filling with affection. He kissed his lover deeply, twining his arms around the smooth hard back and carefully rolling them until he was once again on top. Looking down into the hazel eyes, he smiled and proceeded to lavish warm, wet kisses down the expanse of his lover’s chest. He took great care to cover every inch of the flushed skin with his lips, paying special attention to the two dusky nubs that beckoned to him.

He continued the exploration with his lips, moving down over the hard, flat stomach and taking a moment to dip his tongue in to the well of his lover’s navel.

When he got to the hard cock jutting from the bed of wiry curls, he paused a moment to place a soft kiss on the head before taking the entire length into his mouth.

"God," Brian gasped, arching his back and fisting his hands in the sheets.

Justin smiled around the mouthful of flesh, reveling in the affect he had on the man who usually exhibited such control. He took the pulsing rod deep and swallowed, stroking the hard flesh with the muscles in his throat and eliciting a harsh gasp from the trembling body now at his mercy.

He continued his ministrations, alternately sucking and swallowing until he felt his lover’s hips begin to buck in uncontrollable spasms. Raising his head, he gazed lovingly into the other man’s flushed face, gently stroking a strong thigh with one hand while reaching for the lube with the other.

"Trust me," he soothed, squeezing a generous amount of clear gel into one hand before tossing the tube aside and coating both hands. "I’m going to make you feel so good.”

Brian could only blink wordlessly in response. His body was on fire, desperate for his lover's touch. When Justin began pushing his legs back gently, he rallied what sense he had left to help, pulling back the long limbs and planting his feet firmly on the bed.

Kneeling between the trembling thighs, Justin used one hand to gentle his lover, stroking one strong leg gently while his other hand reached for the puckered entrance. He slowly circled the opening before pressing one coated finger inside.

Brian’s back arched off the bed, his breath quickening in anticipation as he was breached. When the finger began moving slowly in and out, he moaned quietly.

Licking his lips, Justin added another finger, stroking deep and scissoring, gently opening his lover. His own body was thrumming with barely controlled need, but he held it in check, determined to make this as good for the other man as he could. When he felt the muscles begin to relax, he added yet a third finger, swallowing hard at the gasp of pleasure that reached his ears.

"Justin," Brian panted, thrusting down to take more of the teasing digits into his body. "Now."

Jsutin took the word to heart and removed his fingers, quickly sheathing and lubing his cock before positioning it at the pulsing entrance. "Oh my God," he whispered hoarsely as he pressed forward to fill his lover with one long, slow motion.

Brian groaned at the initial fullness, his head tossing restlessly from side to side as his body adjusted to the sweet intrusion.

"God, Brian," Justin echoed his groan. "You feel so good."

Panting softly, Brian met the fevered blue gaze. "Get on with it, college boy," he breathed with a teasing smile.

Justin chuckled and leaned forward to kiss his lover gently. When he pulled back, he ran his hands along the length of Brian’s arms until their fingers met, twining together in an intricate grip. Squeezing his lover's hands gently, Justin pulled slowly out of the heated channel, catching his bottom lip between his teeth as the sensations flowed through him. When he pushed steadily back in, he felt the body beneath him shudder with pleasure and gripped the hands even tighter.

Brian appreciated the gesture, certain that only the hands holding his were keeping him grounded against the feelings threatening to engulf him mind, body and soul.

They quickly established an easy rhythm, Brian thrusting upward to meet his lover's every downward stroke, clenching his muscles in resistance at every withdrawal.

As the tempo increased along with their heightening desire, Justin released one of the other man’s hands to grasp the weeping erection between them.

Brian gasped and pressed his head back into the pillow as the strong fingers wrapped around his aching cock, stroking him in time with the hard length that filled him. He rarely bottomed and when he had, he’d never felt as good as he did with Justin filling him.

"God, Brian," Justin breathed, mirroring the other man's thoughts.

Brian’s back arched as the first strains of orgasm flowed through him. "Christ!" he hissed as his seed began to pump over the younger man’s fingers and onto his own heated flesh.

The heat and scent of his lover's release was enough to push Justin over the edge. With the other man’s offering still spurting over his hand, he pushed in to the hilt and held, his hips undulating as he emptied himself into the condom.

Once spent, he collapsed weakly onto the sated body beneath him. "Brian," he gasped.

Brian encircled the lithe body atop him with rubbery arms. “You go to the head of the class, Sunshine,” he chuckled.

Justin smiled, kissed him lightly, and rolled to his side, Brian’s arm still around him as he snuggled close. “Thank you,” he said after a moment.

Brian looked down at the tousled blond head and chuckled. “I probably enjoyed it as much as you did.”

“Not for that,” Justin laughed, smacking his stomach lightly. “For … this. Us, here, together.”

“Oh, that,” Brian murmured tiredly. “Don’t mention it.”

Justin turned to look at him. “Speaking of that, what are we going to say to people? You want to keep it a secret once I move in?”

“That’ll be kinda hard with your shit strewn everywhere, don’t you think?” Brian teased. His eyes were closed, but there was a small smile on his face.

“I’m serious,” Justin prodded gently. “What if someone asks why I gave up the apartment? What do you want me to tell them?”

Brian opened his eyes and regarded his lover. “Tell them Sunshine doesn’t belong in the shadows,” he finally said quietly. Realizing that he’d said it aloud, he shrugged nonchalantly. “Or just tell them we’re together because we want to be and it’s none of their fucking business.”

Justin smiled. “I can do that.”

Brian smirked and pulled the blond closer. “Yeah, you can.”


  • Happpy Birthday!

    A very happy birthday to my dear agt_spooky! I hope you have a wonderful day, my friend :) xoxo

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  • Happpy Birthday!

    A very happy birthday to my dear agt_spooky! I hope you have a wonderful day, my friend :) xoxo

  • Supernatural on Canadian stations?

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know which, if any, Canadian stations will be showing season 10 of Supernatural? I always watched on CHCH since it was high…

  • Who watches 'Motive'?

    Does anyone on here watch 'Motive'? I've never seen it, don't really know anything about it, but the previews for the new season look…